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FUTRED/IN Workshops LLP has no Upcoming Events at present.


FUTRED/IN (pronounced "futured in") is a learning company, but the idea isn’t to be another training company, but a company that delivers the future to today’s professionals. We, at FUTRED/IN, recognize that the future is going to be great, innovative and exciting. And a future like that will needs people with minds and talents that can take on a globalized, dynamic world by the horns. The world will need professionals and leaders who can analyze this world, think of and develop solutions to complex problems, collaborate over wide networks, lead by influence, be innovate, take risks, and have the imagination and curiosity to seek unrecognized opportunities. FUTRED/IN aims at making these professional future ready.


For support to register for the events, please mail us at client.services@futred.in.

For information on the workshop, please mail us at info@futred.in.

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